Our Fleet

Our fleet includes:

  • 4x4 1 ton trucks with a dedicated splice labs
  • Office trailers
  • Splicing trailers
  • Reel Trailers
  • Quads
  • Snowmobiles

Test Equipment

Rockwell Telecom Inc. is dedicated to using the latest testing standards and equipment to provide our customers with accurate test results.
We are equipped with calibrated, modern, industry recognized testing equipment for reliable testing for all transmission media. Calibration sheets are available for all our test equipment.
Our test equipment is comprised of:

  • Single Mode and Multimode Power Meters and Optical Light Sources
  • Single Mode and Multimode Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDR)
  • LAN Cabling (Cat3, Cat5, Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6A, Coaxial) 
  • ControlNet Media-Checker
  • Dynatels for OSP Cable Plant and Transmission

Splicing and Terminations

We have a variety of splicing and termination equipment for Fiber Optic and Copper Cabling.

Fiber Optics:

  • Fusion Splicers for Single and Ribbon Fiber Optic Cables.
  • Direct Termination Kits for Corning Unicams & FuseLite, Belden Optimax and FX Brillance, Panduit OptiCam, 3M Hotmelts, ADC FastTerms, Sumitomo Lynx Splice On Connectors.
  • Equipment to prep and splice into all types of FOSCs for Aerial, Vault, Direct Burial and OPGW installations. 


  • MS^2, PICABOND, Scotchlok 
  • BIX (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • VS Compact
  • R66
  • Wire-Rap 

Miscellaneous Equipment

Rockwell Telecom Inc. owns industry standard equipment required to perform work in the following areas:

Powerline OPGW Splicing:

  • Ground Mats and Chains
  • Insulated Gloves
  • Arc Flash Resistant Clothing


  • Manhole Heaters and Blowers
  • Gas Monitors
  • Confined Space Rescue Tripods and Man Retrieval Systems
  • Manhole Guards, Ladders, Barricades and Cones
  • Duct Rodders
  • Reel Jack-Stands
  • FR Splice Tents


  • Hook Ladders
  • Belt and Spurs
  • Cable Lashers